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parties shouldn’t
cost the 🌏

how we minimise our impact

maximum taste

All our pieces are available for hire, which means we reuse them again and again and again.

We also use a bunch of sneaky hacks to reduce our waste down to practically zero (👀👇)

party positive

Our studio is solar powered and we try to keep our emissions looooow.

Since 2015, we’ve offset more than all our emissions (including flights) with the good folk at Cool Effect and Carbon Footprint.

& a whole bunch more

🌞 renewably powered – when our solar panels go dark we draw on 100% GreenPower from Powershop.

♻️ no to single use – we mostly use reusable fixings such as string and carabiners. *cable ties are used as last resort*

🛒 keeping it local – we make everything locally here in Melbourne. 

🎨 reusing waste – from donating scraps for crafts to daycare centres to a nifty trick we have with cable ties, we’re always looking at ways to upcycle.

🚗 a little less gas – we have avoided the need of purchasing a second car/van by using a nifty hybrid car share available locally.

🎨 ethical investing – 100% of our Superannuation portfolio is invested in ethical investments (no fossil fuels).

✊ supporting causes – we regularly do pro bono gigs for environmental and community causes.

planning a sustainable shindig?

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    "Thank you for making my vision become a reality. I choose my suppliers because we connect and understand each other. Sarah needs very little instruction and nails the job every single time. Her product can transform a space so easily and economically and she is the most fun to work with every time. Thank you for going above and beyond. Nothing is ever too much trouble."

    Natalie Sheezel Miss N & Co

    "Bangin Hangins totally made our event!!!!! It was max impact from the second that our guests walked in the door. Sarah was a total delight to deal with. We can’t work to work with Bangin Hangins again in the future."

    Pip Brett Jumbled Online

    A winning combo of rad installation super powers, radical colour + design and the sparkliest of personalities + dance moves, it’s really not an event without Bangin’ Hangins. It’s a meeting and honestly, who wants to attend a meeting? Me neither. Sarah transforms spaces with her creations, brings joy and just makes the world a more joyful place. Bangin Hangins are not to be trifled with

    Kate Good Day Club

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