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We have installers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle and Adelaide.
Outside of these states we can do installations for bookings of over $3k (excl. travel, installation and pack down), or we can send you DIY hire packs to set up yourself.
Outside Australia we can do installations for bookings of over $5k (excl. travel, installation and pack down). We don’t ship DIY set ups internationally.

No. We have worked hard to create sustainable practices within our business, and part of that is re-using the pieces that you see hanging at your event so that they can be enjoyed again and again. It takes time and care to maintain these pieces, let alone create new ones, and as such we like to keep them in our collection for as long as possible!

Unfortunately not. Plaster can be a tricky medium for us to work with, and we just can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to secure our designs safely, or without any potential paint peel. We’d definitely recommend checking out our border and arch options as an alternative.

We can indeed install your pieces for you, and quite often we recommend it! As part of the booking process we’ll liaise with you regarding your venue, and dates/times where we can access the site for set up. We can also arrange a time to pack down afterwards – although please note that we are there to pack down our equipment, and can not offer assistance with site cleaning, lock up or other venue requirements unless this was previously arranged as part of your booking with us. **Interstate Customers – as we are Melbourne based, we will talk to you about your options when hosting an event interstate. You may wish for us to travel to you, or we can ship the items to you to install yourself.

We sure do! If you fancy yourself a bit of a party professional, then perhaps you would like to install your own set up. We can arrange for arches, backdrops, flags and even aerial installations to be sent to you ready to hang. We provide guidance and instructions on assembly and pack down, and simply ask that you return everything intact and on time.

In the same way that our products and services vary, so does the price of any given job. We base our costs off the quantity of material being used for an installation, but we also have to factor in things like set up and pack down, travel, time taken to design and build your pieces, interstate costs such as shipping or travel if we are coming to you directly, and the length of time that our items will be ‘out of action’ whilst they bring joy to your event. All of this affects the end quote, but this is why we consult with you every step of the way so that you have transparency and the opportunity to flag any budget requirements with us.

We want to create something special for your event, which is why you’ll find us asking a lot of questions at the start of the booking process to understand how we can make the perfect hangin for you. Once we’ve locked in a booking, we reserve the selected pieces especially for you and start creating your bespoke hangin. At this point, it can be tricky to adjust colours or quantity depending on how close to the event date we are, and what we have available in stock. If you think you’ve made a terrible mistake, reach out and chat to us. We’ll try our best to find a solution, but we do ask that you only confirm your booking once you’re happy with the design that has been selected

We’re glad you had a great time! If you were sent DIY pieces for your event, chances are that we have arranged a return courier as part of your booking, meaning that we need you to stick to the agreed hire and shipping schedule. The good news is that we don’t organise return shipping on weekends, so if your rager was on a Saturday night, you won’t need to rock up to the post office until Monday. If you miss the scheduled return courier deadline, you may be asked to ship items back at your own expense.

If we are coming to pack down your hire, please respect that our staff are on a schedule, and have allocated a pack down period ahead of time. If there is an emergency and we won’t be able to access the site, please give us a call as soon as possible so we can organise an alternative with you.

We love to reach for the stars, but our equipment only lets us reach so high! If you’ve got a particularly tall ceiling, then we may ask if the venue is able to provide us with an elevated work platform (i.e. scissor lift/cherry picker) to get the job done. Or, there may be venue workarounds regarding the raising and lowering of av equipment that could help. This will all be discussed in the primary booking phase where we can assess what will work in the space.

Oh no! Thanks for letting us know. We ask that where a hangin may be damaged or pulled down during an event, that you keep a hold of the injured piece. We may be able to work our magic to restore it to its former glory. It does likely mean that there will be an additional charge for the damage incurred unfortunately.

It’s unusual for a piece to fall, but every so often we see an enthusiastic punter on the dance floor give a piece a little tug – they do look so fun after all. Where something has simply fallen down, place it to the side so that it’s not in anyone’s way for the remainder of your event, and chances are it’s perfectly fine, nothing to stress about!

You sure can! All our matt colours are suitable for use outdoors (not our metallics). Our flags, arches and backdrops need to be placed on a flat surface and weighted (backdrops need to be placed against a wall to avoid wind loading).

As most of our pieces are bespoke based on your preferences, the finished product is really only on display once it’s set up in your space! We don’t have a shop front with ready made products on display, however if you want an idea of what products look like, and how they present in a variety of settings, take a look around this website or give us a follow on Instagram. We’re constantly showing off our work!

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